Aiming for the highest pinnacle "BIG TOP"together with our customers,
centered on the car wash business.

A clean car makes you happy!


Car wash equipment sales

We mainly sell and install gate-type car washes for gas station operators.

Coin-operated car wash business support

Mainly for land owners, we support the startup and management of coin-operated car wash businesses as a means of utilizing land.

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Directly managed coin-operated car washes

We directly manage a total of 6 coin-operated car wash areas, mainly in Saitama Prefecture.

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Coin laundry business support

Mainly for land owners, we support the startup and management of coin-operated laundry businesses as a means of utilizing land. By attaching these to a coin-operated car wash, owners can expect greater profits.

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Recruitment business

This business matches job seekers with businesses looking for human resources to work with, including gas stations.

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Company Profile

Company name
Big Top Co., Ltd.
President & CEO
Naoki Uchida
Head office
2-29-6 Hasune, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, 147-0046 JAPAN
10 million yen
September 20, 1972


Clean Shokai Co., Ltd. (currently Big Top Co., Ltd.) was established. As a pioneer in the sales of automatic gate-type car washes, its business was developed with a focus on gas station operators in the Kanto region
Production of gate-type car wash equipment led to a regular dealer contract with MK Seiko Co., Ltd. Big Top Tokyo Sales Co., Ltd. was established. Commenced sales of Big Top gate-type car wash equipment.
Commenced sales of car wash equipment for coin-operated car washes.
Commenced directly managed coin-operated car wash business.
Introduced Japan’s first gate-type car wash equipment for coin-operated car washes. Worked to increase profitability of the coin-operated car wash business.
Commenced sales of drive-through type car wash equipment.
Big Top Co., Ltd. was established. Worked to improve management integration and business efficiency.
Signed regular dealer contract with Electrolux Japan. Commenced coin laundry equipment sales.
Opened coin-operated car wash installed at homeware center facility.
Commenced recruitment business.

Message from the CEO

We started business in 1972 as a company selling automatic gate-type car wash equipment.Since our founding, we have grown to encompass sales activities for gate-type car wash equipment to major gas station operators across the Kanto region, contributing to the development of the gas station car wash industry.

We also established the current style of introducing gate-type car washing at coin-operated car wash facilities, and we boast the No. 1 track record for opening new locations in the Kanto region.I would like to thank you all for your generous support and kindness over many years.We will continue to work hard every day toward our mission of contributing to the development of our customers’ business, centered on the car wash industry.


We are currently recruiting full-time sales staff.For more information, please contact us below.